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Under the coaching leadership of Hubert Seigmann we have adopted a number of guiding principels for our program. 


1. Get started. Don’t quit. The minimum we do is whatever it takes.

…ski racing is not a sprint, it's a marathon. Getting started is the first step in a long journery. We help athletes stay on their path, even through doubts and challenges. We work hard along the way, and will do whatever it takes to reach our goals. 

2. Keep it simple

…we believe in breaking complex technical moves down into simple steps. We focus on proficiency of the simple until things are deeply anchored in our subconscious. With that we lose the perception of complexity, find comfort and confidence in what we do.

3. Unconditional Support

…we believe that people’s values cannot be measured by their individual successes. We embrace everybody for who they are. We focus on building a strong team and support system that provides the confidence it takes for individual success.

4. Managing Fear

…we believe in the importance of recognizing and managing our fears and limitations and learning how to balance and overcome them within a team. We accomplish this by learning from and with each other.

5. Goals

…we believe that success will come to those that plan their goals and learn from the achievement process. We do this as a team and individually and respect and learn from people’s differences.

6. Attitude is Altitude

…we believe that a positive attitude is key to achieving your goals. Continuous positive reinforcement creates limitless positive energy which is the seed to creating your reality and your successes.

7. Association

…we believe in the importance of the people that surround you. It is so important that someone believes in you before you can believe in yourself. We focus on providing inspirational mentors that will grow with you and assist building your dreams.

8. Outreach and Community Support

…we believe in helping others that cannot help themselves. We are starting right here in our community and reach out to every family that wants to be part of our team.