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Hubert Seigmann

Hubert Seigmann

Hubert has been the Head Coach for the Santa Fe Ski Team since 2010.  Internationally experienced, a world-class ski racer, who has competed and coached both in Europe and the US for more than 30 years.  

Walk into any race room at any ski area in the southwest and you will find half-a-dozen kids surrounding Hubert Seigmann. The busy voices are telling him their latest accomplishments, or their fondest memories of attending one of his ski camps in Austria. Hubert's interest in the junior racers is genuine. He always has a kind word for them or a word of encouragement telling them they can do better or race faster.

He is a soft-spoken man with an Austrian accent. He often mixes German with English or vice a versa. Sometimes you are not quite sure what language he is speaking. Once Hubert gets on the chair lift, his "bigger than life" persona lets out a yelp of half-cowboy, half-Austrian yodel Yeeeeeeahoohoohhoo that can be heard all over the mountain.

A firm believer in the power of positive thinking, Hubert's outlook on life is sometimes hard to believe. He is never negative and has a kind word for everyone.

In 2004 Hubert foreran the series of World Cup races at the 64th International Hahnenkamm Race in Kitzb├╝hel, Austria. At 43 years of age, Hubert is probably one of the oldest racers to ever forerun the race. However, he is convinced that it is the only way to show his young ski team that they can follow their dreams. He also does not believe in theoretical coaching but by coaching by leadership. Hubert says it this way, "No compromise, no regrets."